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​Egg Crate flat topped

​5' high single swing 14' wide

​Infill squares 3.5" open from .25" square rod

​2-4x4" posts

​Set up for gate operator.



Heavy 5"x2" frame.  Square rod infill lower.

​5' high each end, 18' split panel.

2-4x4" steel posts

​Set up for gate operator.



Smooth topped

14' wide

2x5" frame oversized pickets

4x4 posts


Flat rod

5' each end, 14' wide

Round infill rods

2-4x4 posts

Set up for gate operator


Bothell flattopped

​14' single swing


Leaf gate

" basket infill

Split 14' 5' each end


Mount Baker

​5' rise to 6'6" center 16' wide

Smooth topped arch

​2-4x4" steel gate posts

​Set up for gate operator


Capitol Hill wood infill

​Contemporty exposed frame

​Includes cedar infill not stained

​5' high, 14' wide split.


​Sherwood split

​5' high each end split 14' wide

Oversized pickets

2-4x4" steel posts

​Set up for gate operator.



Double articulated arched gates.

Wall guards.

​Fabulous project.


14' wide 

Inserts can be customized


14' cantilever slider

​5' high each end, 4' tall. 14' opening

Single guide post and catch post.

​No surface track or return track

​Gate system $3,500

​Walk gate $750

​Will accept any chain driven opener

Cantilever wood faced

​5' high 14' extension, 4' tail.

​Single guide post and catch post.

3x3" frame. flanges to attach wood.

​Wood not supplied.

​Gate system  $3,200.00

​Walk Gate $700.00

Bird of Paradise

Smooth topped 

Lots of castings

14' wide


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